E-Cora Wide-eyed Barbie

Cora wide-eyed barbie-900 USD

Cora, the stunning European beauty with her sweet, blonde hair, embodies the essence of seduction. She had the confidence of a proud and elegant mistress. People often marveled at how well her name matched her, as if she were destined to capture people’s hearts.

cora, the wide-eyed Barbie girl, embraces her role as a companion without reservation. Working for a well-known escort agency in China, she brings an element of adventure to every encounter.

Passionately erotic, romantic and indulgent, cora revel in pampering her partner and herself. “I really love what I do,” she asserts. “From the initial ‘hello’ to the exciting ‘OMG!! For a moment, I was as happy as you. We connect on multiple levels, share laughter, engage in conversations, have crazy chemistry, and an undeniable physical connection.”

Product Specifications:

Height :160 cm

Weight :40 kg

Chest size :84 cm

Waist :51 cm

Hips :93 cm

The doll comes with the same wig and eye color picture. Clothes are for photo shoots only and are not included.

Other height, chest circumference, hip, skin color and other functions can be customized, voice interaction, constant temperature and other functions can also be customized. For more details, please contact us immediately.

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