A-Bess E-sports girl

Bess E-sports girl—915 USD

Bess, a 19-year-old Asian beauty with luscious black hair, embodies a perfect blend of innocence and sensuality. Her name suits her perfectly, just like her flowing dark locks. Bess exudes a playful yet alluring charm.She is an e-sports girl who loves games.

As an enchanting companion, Bess proudly embraces her role. Adventurous and daring, she captivates the hearts of those who seek excitement and thrills.

Bess indulges in the world of erotica, romance, and the art of pleasing both herself and her partner. “I genuinely adore what I do,” she confides. “From our initial ‘hello’ to those electrifying ‘OMG!!’ moments, I derive as much pleasure as you do. We connect on multiple levels, sharing laughter, engaging conversations, intense chemistry, and, of course, an unparalleled physical connection.”

Product Specifications:

Height: 168cm

Weight: 46kg

Bust: 85cm

Waist: 52cm

Hip: 76cm

Doll comes with same wig and eye color as pictures. Clothes are for photo purposes only and not included.

Other heights, busts, hips, skin color, etc. can be customized, and other functions such as voice interaction and constant temperature can also be customized. Contact us immediately for more detailed functions.

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