A-Romola Goddess of Shame

Romola goddess of shame – 962 USD

Meet Romola, a captivating Asian beauty with brown locks that perfectly complement her mature and seductive charm.Her name echoes her allure, and she enjoys enticing you into exhilarating and pleasurable experiences together. Romola’s voice drips with confidence and a hint of mischief as she describes her love for seduction and shared intimacy. “I adore captivating you from the moment we meet, to those unforgettable moments of pure bliss. of course, a phenomenal physical connection.” With Romola, prepare for an unforgettable journey of pleasure and companionship.

Product Specifications:
Height: 163cm

Weight: 49kg

Bust: 75cm

Waist: 51cm

Hip: 88cm

Doll comes with same wig and eye color as pictures. Clothes are for photo purposes only and not included.

Other heights, busts, hips, skin color, etc. can be customized, and other functions such as voice interaction and constant temperature can also be customized. Contact us immediately for more detailed functions.

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